Friday, August 14, 2015

The Best Way to Support Someone Living with RA

     If you love someone who is living with rheumatoid arthritis, you may wonder how to support that person.  Do you offer advice?  Do you cook meals and complete chores or errands that are probably very difficult for her to do?  Do you take her out for a little fun or shopping or whatever activity she enjoys?  Do you stop by with flowers?

     All of those things are great, and I am sure they would be very appreciated.  However, the very best way to support her is to listen to her.

     Just listen.  No judgment, no advice, no words necessary.

     Truly hear what she has to say.  Listen when she needs to vent, to think out loud, to cry.  Provide your advice if requested, say some reassuring words if you know she needs them. Hugs are usually appreciated too.

    She knows there's nothing you can do about her health or her circumstances.  But you can always listen.  It's the best way to offer comfort and support whenever she needs it.

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