Friday, August 21, 2015

Help Save Hope!

     This post is in honor of my friend and her husband, who love animals so much they created their own non-profit organization to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome neglected animals in Hawaii and California.

     808 Animal Rescue facebook page and instagram page

     Hope is a rescue kitten.  She was found dragging herself on the ground in a neighbor's yard.  Although she was not in good shape, she was happy to see kind people and eager to accept food and water.  My friends took her to the emergency vet center and learned Hope has a contorted spine, which prevents her lower half from functioning properly.  She requires a lot of medical care and my friends are asking for your help to rehabilitate and eventually find a loving forever home for this beautiful kitten.

     Please visit Hope's fundraising page.  If you are able to help, please know that you are giving an adorable, loving kitten a chance at a full and wonderful life.  If you cannot donate at this time, your loving thoughts and prayers help just as much as money or supplies.  Please keep Hope in mind as she heals!  Thank you so much for loving and helping animals like Hope!

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