Friday, September 4, 2015

Hope Update #1

     Lovely little Hope is doing much better!  I visited her recently, armed with supplies and toys!  Hope was so happy playing with her new mice!

     Click here to watch baby Hope play!  So super adorable!

     Hope's leg is slowly healing, and she loves all of her visitors.  She's approximately two months old and I swear this kitten doesn't know she's not like other kitties.  She hops to you and "hunts" her toys (complete with butt wiggle) and welcomes all visitors with her sweet personality. 

     When she is old enough and her body is stronger, she will have her surgeries and her rescue parents intend to give Hope wheels so she can run and play with everyone!

     Please continue sending your warm thoughts and prayers to Hope!  They are helping her thrive!

     Hope's fundraising page

     808 Animal Rescue's instagram page (regular updates here!)

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